About The WRITE Touch

Since its inception in 1988, The WRITE Touch has helped diverse nonprofits, businesses and individuals target their marketing, advertising and publicity in captivating, cost-effective ways that enhance and expand their brand.

First-time customers evolve into long-time clients, thanks to electronic and print communications that:

  • Are strategically designed to meet specific needs.
  • Connect with external and internal audiences.
  • Are compelling, persuasive and memorable.
  • Achieve results!

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About Marilyn Campbell

As TWT’s sole proprietor and Chief Creative Officer, I relish helping clients fulfill objectives in unique and innovative ways. I excel at out-of-the-pencil-box thinking: vividly outside the norm to compel attention, but never beyond the reader’s comprehension.

I am a strong, creative writer … an insightful interviewer who establishes a rapport with people at all levels … and a consummate professional who functions as an integral part of your team.

From news releases, newsletters, ads and brochures to websites and social media to personal memoirs, corporate chronicles and more, I offer a total communications package: engaging writing, unparalleled project management and personalized dedication to your needs.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy reading, biking, jogging, playing with my dog GiGi, socializing with friends and striving to concoct the perfect cookie. I create cookies the same way I approach communications: with energy, enthusiasm, fresh ingredients and always from scratch.

I look forward to cooking up something awesome for you!

Give your cookies The WRITE Touch with my cookie secrets:


Use unsalted, high-quality butter, authentic vanilla (I prefer a special cookie blend) and whole wheat flour.
If the recipe calls for brown sugar, make it dark brown.
Add an extra egg yolk for richness.
Toss in some wheat germ to maintain consistency and enhance nutritional value.
Making chocolate chip cookies? Scoff at the stated amount of chocolate chips and add lots more!