Press releases. Newsletters. E-updates. Ads. Flyers. Articles. Brochures. Even technical literature and how-to manuals. These diverse forms of publicity are designed to share key information about your products/services and positive stories about your organization with your targeted market. Done well, they can achieve dynamic results.

1-TWT-ProcessStep One: Write Right

Publicity, be it a 280-character tweet, nine-word ad, one-page release, 250-word profile or 12-page newsletter, begins with the best words in the best order. I make that my mantra for every project of every size.

2-TWT-ProcessStep Two: Get the Message to the Media

The best-written piece is going nowhere unless it gets picked up and published by print and electronic publications, shared on social media and aired on TV and radio.

Relationships Matter

To enhance my clients’ opportunities, I invest time, energy and expertise to forge productive working relationships – in fact, a warm rapport – with editors, reporters and decision-makers at local, regional and in some cases national and international publications. I adhere to their deadlines, formats and standards. I clarify in advance and express appreciation afterward.

The result: successful exposure for my clients.

Ready to start a meaningful relationship?




We learned it as kids: Never underestimate the power of please and thank you. Common courtesy, often rare in today’s hectic world, will get you noticed.