STRATEGIC Conceptualization … COMPELLING Copy … EXCEPTIONAL Results.

I work closely with clients; helping them define their goals and devising strategies to meet them. The process is revolutionary in its innovation and evolutionary in its execution. Before putting “pencil to paper,” we determine the optimum combination of synergistic communications. The point is to be fluid, flexible and nimble; ready to pounce on possibilities and seize opportunities.

I can help you put together a product package, utilizing high-caliber professionals who possess creativity, technical expertise and total dedication to each client’s needs. Photographer/Brand Stylist Heather Palenscar and Web Designer Denise Young are two of the best!

Getting awesome results is key to my clients’ success, and makes my business a genuine pleasure.

To attract attention to your product or service, you must begin with a well-written enticement. The release, article or brief come-on is just the beginning. You need to know who in the media to contact; how best to reach and follow up with them. You should be sure to express your appreciation, including a shout-out on a public platform such as Facebook.

Ready to get results?


Selected Results

Helene-Falk-Rocks-OutTWT-Process-ICONS-exclamationWith less than 48-hours notice (accomplished via a catchy news release, phone calls and emails), two TV crews and two newspaper reporter/photographer teams descended upon Seacrest Village Retirement Community to cover the story of a vibrant, 106-year-old celebrating her birthday by dancing to her favorite Lady Gaga tunes.


Arrow-bullet Within one week of a horrific shooting at an elementary school (in which, thanks to many heroes, no fatalities occurred), I created a newsletter distributed to all Carlsbad Unified School District staff and local media to show that Kelly Cougars had roared back to normalcy.

TWT-SERVICES-ICONS-newsAn ArtBeat on Main Street exhibit by Louise Hay, Queen of the Self-Help Movement, was heralded on several local media venues and even made its way to Bulgaria. (Unfortunately, we couldn’t read that one!)LouiseHay

TWT-SERVICES-ICONS-webThe redesigned Don Diego Scholarship Foundation website attracted so many online ticket purchases to the annual Gala that the event was sold out weeks before the event took place – a first! The Gala received widespread before- and after-event ink, crowned by a multi-photo roundup in the Del Mar Times.

TWT-Process-ICONS-thinkingPersistence, a VIP parking pass and my offer to babysit his young boys while he was on stage helped lure San Diego Padres’ iconic closer, Trevor Hoffman, to be a Celebrity Reader at the San Diego County Fair.

Trevor-Hoffman-2005-cropTWT-Type An admittedly hokey poem written in the style of Dr. Seuss and sent to the private address of his widow, Audrey Geisel, resulted in a $5,000 donation to the City of Carlsbad’s CityStuff program I co-created and operated.
(I still have her cherished Christmas card in my office.)