One of the greatest pleasures of my business (in addition to waxing creative at 6:30 am garbed in sweats and sandals) is singing the praises of exceptional people – especially those not inclined to sing for themselves. I’ve been privileged to profile hundreds of the quietly awesome, from the winningest female jockey to a man who transformed the status of Indian health in San Diego County.

I was recently employed by Deborah Norton, owner of Deborah Norton Interiors, and Sam Goodwin, president of HOCOA Home Repair Network, to promote their selfless concept to Make Kindness Your BusinessTM. They created an inspiring model that encourages people to engage in purposeful acts of kindness.

Deborah offered to transform cancer survivor Magi Pledger’s mundane bedroom into a healing sanctuary at absolutely no cost. Other businesspeople jumped on board; soon the bedroom was redesigned to enhance energy flow and celebrate Magi’s naturally light, bright, positive spirit.

Magi, who had previously donated 12 inches of her hair to young chemotherapy patients, said, “This total transformation is uplifting my life. I feel so thankful to be alive and experiencing this act of kindness. The warmth is in my room and in my heart.”

Soon after the redesign, Magi obtained her dream job. Coincidence, kismet or karma?

Deborah, Sam and I hope Make Kindness Your Business becomes a trend that never ends. They established a Facebook page to compile accounts of kindnesses others have given or received. Check it out and remember: No matter what kind of business you’re in, make it a kind business.