When my dad called to thank me for the computer my sister and I gave him for his 90th birthday, he shared an epiphany that got me thinking about technology (and how I hope I’ve inherited his great genes and lifelong penchant for learning).

He said, “PC stands for personal computer, but people don’t compute on it anymore. It should be called a personal communicator.”

How true. These days, we’re communicating more than ever, and in more ways than ever.

Savvy organizations know they must jump into social media or they’ll be left behind. Even those targeting a senior demographic must extend their reach to their emerging as well as existing audiences. If you don’t believe the older set is into technology, visit your local senior center’s SRO computer lab.

Word of mouth is still a great way to expand your customer base. But now those words are mouthed in a variety of platforms, which can be mashed-up and shared to promote a dynamic vibe.

Just remember: the medium is not the message; it’s the vehicle of delivery, just as the pony express used to be. No matter how many gadgets and gizmos you have, you still must have something worthwhile to communicate.

Want to wish someone happy birthday? Whether you Facebook it, email it, video it, tweet it, blog it, text it or (OMG) actually say it, the message remains the same. Here’s mine: Happy Birthday, Dad!