Just as the secret to a long and healthy life is choosing your progenitors well, the art of crafting a mesmerizing memoir is selecting your subjects well. I have been fortunate to create memoirs with and about fascinating and worthwhile people and organizations.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, yet the cover is key to engaging people’s attention, in both print and electronic formats. The cover should celebrate the uniqueness of the person profiled. The title, deck and art should be so specifically tailored to the subject that it would not fit anyone else. The cover must be attractive and enticing, screaming, “Read me!”

Once readers dive into the book, they should find a page-turning tale that enthralls them; a true-to-life story displaying the ABCs of exceptional memoir writing. It must be: Authentic. Believable. Compelling.

Working closely with each memoir client, my intent is to create a verbal portrait so powerful, genuine and alive that it seems as though the person has leapt off the page and walked into your home. You will greet them warmly and feel like you have known them forever.