Great Scott – We Did It!

He’s an out-of-the-box-thinking real estate agent. I’m an out-of-the-pencil-box-marketing writer and publicist. Together, we conquered Kern County.

Years ago, our first foray made him a Bakersfield icon. Ever the entrepreneur, Scott boldly went where no realtor had gone before: to prime-time TV highlighting homes in an entertaining way. He rented billboard space to advertise his show.

My mission: a pithy come-on to accompany a large-scale photo. The three-word solution: “Meet Me Tonight.” Instant name and face recognition plus his savvy skills propelled him to a position of local prominence.

One September 2010 Sunday afternoon, when I happened to be in my office at work, Scott called. “Drop everything!” he pleaded. As sudden as a Santa Ana, a wind of opportunity was blowing his way: a chance to become Bakersfield’s sole HUD listing broker. A BIG deal; actually unlimited big deals, if he succeeded.

The timeline was beyond tight. Proposal. Bio. Strategic Marketing Plan. Adjunct material. Each day, something new was required. It had to be done fast. And well. We did it exceptionally fast. And exceptionally well.

He won the job. I was thrilled to help him win the day.

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