It was an OMG moment times ten.

Thursday, 1:18 pm. Dashing to cover 2 pm event I’d publicized re 105-year-old retirement village resident who’s taco-wild about Lady Gaga and gaga about tacos.

Phone rings. Elementary school principal wants TV and print reporters to attend Friday 8 am assembly honoring 4th-grader whose birthday wish is to grant the wish of a seriously ill child. School’s raising more than $600. Principal will surprise student with donation.

Gotta move fast. Think fast. Work fast. I email and call key media. Get info. Get in car. Race to see centenarian kick up her high heels to “Bad Romance.” Whoo hoo – one newspaper and two TV crews there. Take photos. Conduct interviews. Return to office. Fill in blanks on school assembly. Touch base with media. Write Gaga story for local paper. Watch it later on the news.

Dash to school Friday morning. Another whoo hoo – my media contacts have come through! Online reporter on the scene. See TV guy from Thursday event. He’s covering this one, too. Interview kids. Take photos. Return to office. Write news release for district website and article for local media. Do tweet from my superintendent. Wait to see story unfold on the six o’clock news. Dig into other work for other clients. Projects. Deadlines. Crises. Possibilities.

Think about how lucky I am. Profiling great people. Getting good results for clients. Sharing the joy of life with a selfless 9-year-old and a vibrant 105-year-old. It doesn’t get any better than this!