Twenty-nine years ago, on a Monday morning in April 1988, I lost my job as senior writer at an electronics security company. “Nothing personal,” I was told. “We’re downsizing the company and outsourcing your marketing function.”

Wow – that was one big lemon bonking me in the head! As I headed to the unemployment office that day, a tiny idea took root. Why not try my luck as a freelance writer?

“You’ll never make it,” I was warned by many well-intentioned people; perhaps concerned for my welfare, or worried I’d end up on their doorstep, suitcase and computer in hand.

I’m so happy I listened to my own small voice urging me, “Go for it!” I started my business that very week on a yellow shoestring. Named it The WRITE Touch. Filed for a DBA. Worked with a talented friend to create the business card pencil design I still use today.

I am exceedingly appreciative of clients who have trusted me over the years to tell their stories. Like my dwarf Meyer lemon tree that produces gigantic juicy fruit, my one-person business has created sweet lemonade – for me and, I hope, for the nonprofits, businesses and people who have kept me happily employed.

Thank you!