The WRITE Touch began on a cheery yellow shoestring that resides on my office wall as a daily reminder of the leap I took on April 25, 1988 when I established my communications business.

Over the past quarter-century, that shoestring has smiled at me during good times and kept me smiling during challenging times. It’s still here, and so am I.

My work has given me the opportunity to create the CityStuff program that introduces third-graders to their municipal world … chronicle the four-decade history of a rural medical facility that empowers Native wellness … showcase elegant portable restrooms replete with piped-in music … present information to residents in an engaging way that entices them to bond with their city … help a nonprofit hospice share its good works with the community … herald outstanding accomplishments of a world-class school district … and above all, highlight thousands of fascinating people.

From a selfless seven-year-old to an octogenarian eBay expert, from an original Munchkin to a man who rose from poverty to philanthropy, the people I’ve profiled have taught me so much about life, and about myself.

I deeply appreciate the trust that people and organizations have placed in me to provide The WRITE Touch to their projects.

After 25 years of crafting millions of words for my esteemed clients, I have one more word to say: THANKS!!!