UberWoman Has a Drive to Succeed

No car? No cell? No tech skills? No problem when ...

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I Will Work for Nothing

He found me in an old phone book.

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ABCs of a Successful Memoir: Authentic. Believable. Compelling.

My intent is to create a verbal portrait so powerful, genuine and alive that it seems ...

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Young Readers on a Roll

I have always been a voracious, albeit not discriminating, reader. Comic books. Newspapers. Street signs. Ads on buses. Brochures in veterinarian offices. Even junk mail. And books, books, books.

Some children sleep with a stuffed animal. I kept a book under my pillow in case I woke up during the night desperate to discover how Nancy […]

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Love Tails

I have been hired to tell life stories of fascinating San Diegans. People who cannot afford to buy a book, much less pay someone to write their memoir, also have stories that should be told. Here is one.

I frequently take my Mini-Aussie GiGi, to the local dog park. On every visit, I have noticed an […]

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Join the Club

I’ve had the privilege of authoring some big books. A 386-page, inaugural Budget Book and District Guide for San Diego Unified School District. The small but mighty Fast Facts 101 … Tiny Tidbits of Tantalizing Truths about the City of Carlsbad. Memoirs that recount the fascinating lives of local celebs.

No book has been more significant, […]

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Enjoy the Ride

“This is my lanai,” she said, imbuing the modest patio of her one-bedroom Carlsbad Barrio apartment with an air of romance. Age 86 in 2001 when I interviewed her for a City of Carlsbad publication, thrice-married Louise Getze Curley brimmed with an alluring ambiance. The daughter of the first doctor in town, who was paid […]

November 1, 2014|0 Comments

Learning P.R. to a T

Soon after starting The WRITE Touch in 1988, I landed my first big consulting contract; with Fallbrook Hospital District. At the time, I lived in Fallbrook, just blocks from the hospital and a short bike ride from the widely read, Fallbrook Enterprise weekly newspaper, AKA “the bible” for residents yearning to see their kid’s picture […]

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Moving Stories

Some stories are so compelling that my profiles almost write themselves. On my way back to the office after interviewing the nightclub dancer who taught John Wayne to rumba or the man who rose from dustbowl poverty to become North County’s “Rayneman,” my mind is awhirl and my fingers are itching to fly onto the […]

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Aren’t I Lucky!

“Aren’t We Lucky! … A Carlsbad Love Story” tells the story of Ann and David Kulchin’s life in Carlsbad, and the story of Carlsbad over the past 36 years. Aren’t I lucky to be the writer helping them tell this marvelous tale!

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