By day I WRITE4FUN, but in the evenings I READ4FUN, so the notion of sharing my love of books with my neighbors immediately appealed to me. I found ready-to-construct little libraries online, but iconoclastically decided to do my own thing.

January 27, 2014|0 Comments

Vintage Thoughts

My functional 1930s Direct Action stove fits charmingly into my kitchen décor. Yes, I light the tiny broiler and oven pilots with a match, and yes, I adjust the temperature by hand, and yes, it occasionally needs a D&C, and sometimes a full-blown repair.

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Today’s online readers succinctly condemn excessively long text in four words:

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Goin’ to the Dogs

When one door closes, another opens. For me, the latter was a doggie door ...

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A Yellow Shoestring

The WRITE Touch began on a cheery yellow shoestring that resides on my office wall as a daily reminder of the leap I took on April 25, 1988 when I established my communications business.

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Running for a Better Life

Near the beginning of my Sunday morning run on January 20, 2013, I met a 42-year-old woman. Over the course of our slow-paced, conversation-filled 11 miles, we came to know each other. Guadalupe’s English is on a par with my Spanish, but we understood each other just fine.

In addition to running, it turns out we […]

January 21, 2013|1 Comment

A Storied Career

I’ve learned so much about life from the people whose stories I tell. When I asked

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Newsletter Earns USPS Stamp of Approval

Many pundits say print is dead, but ...

December 11, 2012|0 Comments

New Biz Finds Its Vibe

In Spring 2012, two vibrant Vista businesswomen bought a musty building previously home to a tennis racquet-stringing business in a moribund downtown desperately in need of revitalization. With fresh paint ...

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When Opportunity Knox, Answer!

While conducting a brief interview for a client with lively Carlsbad octogenarian Knox Williams

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