When Opportunity Knox, Answer!

While conducting a brief interview for a client with lively Carlsbad octogenarian Knox Williams

September 28, 2012|0 Comments

Have Legs, Will Travel

I’d barely hit SEND on the enticing news release about hand-painted #10 rocks mysteriously sprouting

September 9, 2012|0 Comments

What outcome do you want to achieve?

Halfway through a recent nine-mile Sunday morning run,

July 26, 2012|0 Comments

My Clients Take the Cake!

Let's light the candles and get this party started!

February 23, 2012|0 Comments

Social Networks Are as Old as the Caves

Can’t go a minute without tweeting about your morning latte

February 5, 2012|0 Comments

My Business is My Pleasure

When interviewing a fascinating person, my fingers often twitch in anticipation ...

January 2, 2012|0 Comments

Leap Into Creative Magic

Choosing a communications professional requires a leap of faith on the part of a client;

December 7, 2011|0 Comments

Controlling Communications is Imperative in a Crisis

Blindside is a good movie title, but an abysmal way to handle crisis communications.

November 24, 2011|0 Comments

Need to Grow Your Business? You Need to Grow.

As kids, we couldn't wait to grow. Bigger. Taller. Faster. Older. Up.

August 21, 2011|0 Comments

Kindness is Everyone’s Business

One of the greatest pleasures of my business (in addition to waxing creative at 6:30 am garbed in sweats and sandals)

July 9, 2011|0 Comments